For 21 days, the cohort journeyed across five cities in China and India. Beijing held the notorious night market, including delicacies like scorpion on a stick and tarantulas. Hong Kong seemed like the ritziest place that existed on the hemisphere. New Delhi was the stop where we visited the majestic Taj Mahal. Bengaluru housed some really special social enterprises. Shanghai…oh Shanghai. The best skyline I have seen in my life.

The time we spent abroad wasn’t your usual study abroad with classes and homework assigned. This was more of a business trip, as well as a cultural experience. We visited some large corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Nike, but also smaller scale and local companies like Guardian Bank, Varthana, Urvee, and SELCO. We heard how underprivileged groups were given employment for meaningful work, and financial institutions that catered to people with immense financial difficulties.

Also, food! I can’t speak for everyone, but I probably had the best experience out of everyone with food. Chinese cuisine is fairly sweet, and includes lots of poultry and pork. There were a few strange things (especially at the night market!) but the family style dining was really fun to do. Naan bread in India is the highlight of my gastronomic experience abroad. Garlic naan likely comprised 30% of all my intake, and I know I’m not alone on this one. Luckily, there are a few popular Indian restaurants in Seattle that I can go to if I crave them again.

But instead of writing about the trip more in depth, I’d like to show you the trip. I had a different perspective of the trip as most of it was through my iPhone camera, resulting in tons of video footage. The simple compilations below show just glimpses of the wonderful experiences we had during our time traveling and I hope you enjoy watching them!

(Hint: there are 5 videos. You can choose the video from the top left corner).



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