We’ve been in session for two weeks already, and I cannot believe how fast time is flying. By now, we are all hitting the ground running, keeping ourselves busy with this quarter’s main project and weekly deliverables. Our advisors say this is the toughest quarter in the program because of the content, but also the context. We came back from an amazing trip to the other side of the world, and it may take a longer time to recover emotionally and spiritually. Nonetheless, we have work to do and the five cohort teams are doing their best to stay afloat.

I titled this as tribute to the end of the Seahawk’s season from this week. But I’m also going to write about the phrase in another way. Winter Quarter means cloudy days here in Seattle. Coffee shops are filled with people convening together to live and work. The blues is a phenomenon that I think affects Seattleites in particular, although in a very non-clinical way.

To reclaim the light of life, I highly recommend hiking around this time. Even with this program, I’ve learned that working hard during the week gives me time to fully enjoy my weekends. Which means that on a less rainy day, the mountain forests lure me and my friends with its fresh supply of oxygen and life-giving sights. The Cascades is a mountain range west of Seattle full of trailheads and campgrounds. It’s been my experience that the 20-somethings in Seattle are always prepared to go on an adventure. As a grad student at SPU, you can still connect with the Outdoor Recreation Program and the hiking club to find your next reset.

As true as the blues are here, you can expect the natural remedies to be plentiful as well. Keep the flannel and rain jacket in the car, and charge your phone because the mountains are waiting for you.


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