…are practical work experiences. It’s like an internship, but generally as part of the academic experience. For MAMSSM students, it’s an opportunity to practice what we preach.

We’ve been working all year to build our critical thinking, technical skills, and problem-solving skills to become catalysts of change in all areas of business. My team is at Lighthouse for the Blind. As a non-profit that generates respectable revenue, Lighthouse is a social enterprise. They are primarily a manufacturing company that works with Boeing and the US military to produce airplane parts, supplies, and equipment. The social impact they create is in the job opportunities that they provide for blind and deaf individuals. More than 50% of their 400+ company personnel are people who have visual and auditory impairments, even both in some cases. It is a fascinating organization that goes back to the early 1900’s.

But enough of the history. What we are doing is highly strategic work in the form of finding market opportunities for another stream of employment possibilities outside of manufacturing. I can’t say much more because my team had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, AKA an indicator of awesome responsibility. We had a meeting last week with their interim CEO, VP of HR/Management, VP of Business Development, and their company lawyer. We gave them updates on the progress of our market recommendation based on our research. It was a really amazing experience.

Practicum is the bridge that connects us with real on-the-job experiences. It has the potential to get some of us jobs at our practicum organizations. There are six teams working all over Seattle in strategy, HR, data, and business development. Excited to see where we end up next!


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