Pupils? Or Professionals?

This quarter, our professors divided students into groups, and each group was assigned an industry – industrial design, department stores retail, IT security, and employment services. Each group received professional coaching from highly experienced business professionals. My group’s coach, George Roe – current research professor for Alaska Center for Energy and Power and past manager … Continue reading Pupils? Or Professionals?


Student Spotlight: From Teacher to Business Leader

Name: Remy Hudson Hometown: Seattle, Washington Undergraduate degree: Health and Fitness Education Interests: I’m a strong proponent of the notion that that an active mind is the product of an active body. I enjoy all things active, particularly playing soccer, running, hiking, and swimming. If there is competition, count me in. Good food and good … Continue reading Student Spotlight: From Teacher to Business Leader

The Greenest Building in the World

Who wouldn’t want to start off the work week with a private tour of the greenest building in the world? While most graduate students were nursing a lukewarm cup of coffee and fighting to keep their eyes open during an early Monday morning lecture, our cohort spent the morning on a private tour of Seattle’s … Continue reading The Greenest Building in the World