Who wouldn’t want to start off the work week with a private tour of the greenest building in the world? While most graduate students were nursing a lukewarm cup of coffee and fighting to keep their eyes open during an early Monday morning lecture, our cohort spent the morning on a private tour of Seattle’s world renowned Bullitt Center led by Social Justice Program Manager, Francis Janes.


The net zero building has a rooftop solar panel producing more power than is even used on site.



We never wanted to leave the conference room with an aged oak table and breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline.



And absolutely nothing goes to waste in the Bullitt Center… Not even… Human waste.



We are learning to specialize in the process of helping businesses to be profitable while still maintaining their mission of being socially and environmentally sustainable. Learning and witnessing the operations of the world’s greenest building have provided a foundation for us to share in our current and future business endeavors. Every one of us left either wanting to work there, start our own similar business, or aid an existing company in becoming more like the Bullitt Center. Perhaps one of us will start a company that gives the Bullitt Center a run for their money when it comes to being the greenest building in the world.


For more information on the Bullitt Center or to schedule a tour visit: http://www.bullittcenter.org


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