Name: Remy Hudson
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Undergraduate degree: Health and Fitness Education

Interests: I’m a strong proponent of the notion that that an active mind is the product of an active body. I enjoy all things active, particularly playing soccer, running, hiking, and swimming. If there is competition, count me in. Good food and good beer. Exploring new places. Quality time with friends and family. WSU Athletics (Go Cougs!). Supporting my local Seattle Sports teams. Coaching. Reading about new material I am unfamiliar with. If I were President, every night would be Karaoke night.

I graduated from Washington State University with my degree in Health and Fitness Education. I taught Elementary and Middle School Physical Education and Health for the last three years in the greater Seattle area. I’d always given myself a goal of going back and getting a Master’s degree after three years. I decided that I wanted to diversify my skills and acumen in case I ever decided I didn’t want to teach for the rest of my life. I had heard about the MAM-SSM program from several alums, and it checked all the boxes for me: business master’s; one year; local; great record of helping graduates find quality, meaningful jobs. It was a no-brainer.

A social issue you’re passionate about:
I’ve had the unique experience of being able to experience Seattle’s homeless issue up close and personal. For the last eight years during my summers off from school and teaching, I’ve worked for the City of Seattle in the Parks and Rec division as a laborer. Throughout the summer, we would have countless experiences and interactions with the homeless population of Seattle. Providing legitimate means for helping these people find leverage to rise up out of their current situations and to help restore their humanity in the rest of the public’s perception are things I find myself continually thinking about.

Future goals:
The ultimate dream would be to combine my passions for athletics and business and get involved in the professional or collegiate sports scene, particularly in marketing or management. However, a job within a company I believe in that allows me to financially survive in Seattle, while being able to save toward the future is a job I will be more than happy with.

Favorite thing about Seattle:
You grow to love so many aspects of this city over the course of twenty-six years, but here are some of my favorites, in no particular order: Dick’s Drive In, The Tractor Tavern, seeing a good show at the Paramount, the Summers, Paseo, boating on Lake Washington, the progressiveness of the city, and my Seattle pro sports teams. #bringoursonicsback

Favorite quote:
“Teamwork makes the dream work.”



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