Student Spotlight: Johanna Sanchez

Hometown: Grandview, WA Undergraduate Degree: Double Major in Medical Anthropology & Global Health, and The Comparative History of Ideas. Interests: Johanna is extremely passionate about her family, community, and creating opportunities to help better both circles. She loves cooking home meals, especially her favorite dish— Tinga—a delicious Mexican cuisine. She also enjoys a variety of … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Johanna Sanchez


GLS Competition & Mock Interviews

This quarter in MAM-SSM, our cohort has been tackling a plethora of challenges on top of our standard course load.  After our pitches and presentations later at the end of the quarter, I’ll explain about the Social Venture Plan Competition which we are currently engaged in—but in the meantime—the GLS case competition and our mock … Continue reading GLS Competition & Mock Interviews

Looking Back: Study Abroad to Chindia, 2016

While MAM-SSM is now a full month into winter quarter, our 3-week journey across India and China still seems recent. Perhaps this is due to how fast each day has passed with a flurry of classes and projects, but I do not see the transformative and experiential trip ever fading from the memory of our … Continue reading Looking Back: Study Abroad to Chindia, 2016