This quarter in MAM-SSM, our cohort has been tackling a plethora of challenges on top of our standard course load.  After our pitches and presentations later at the end of the quarter, I’ll explain about the Social Venture Plan Competition which we are currently engaged in—but in the meantime—the GLS case competition and our mock interviews were two recent and memorable real world learning experiences.

Unfortunately, as the Go Live Serve case competition is centered around consulting for a real company, I cannot include details of the exact nature of what our groups were tasked with, but I can say this type of hands-on and actual work is the type of work which dwells at the core of MAM-SSM.  Divided into teams of 3, each student in our cohort entered the GLS competition, competing with each other and nearly 100 other teams undertaking the challenge. Currently 36 of the original 100 teams are still in the running, including every MAM-SSM team.

Over the coming months, this number will be whittled down to 8 teams who will be invited to present their case in New York city for the chance to win the grand prize of $20,000. Luckily, there is plenty for us to do while we wait to hear if any of us make it to the final round, and get to present.

Another hands-on experience we participated in were mock interviews. The mock interviews that were conducted earlier this week were quite helpful in my professional development and preparation for entrance into the job market, and I know I can say the same for the rest of my cohort. We hosted a wide range of professionals, business leaders, non-profit representatives, and recruiters to simulate real job interviews, critique our resumes, and provide us with valuable feedback. Each student participated in three to four 30 minute interviews, some more casual, and some quite structured in nature. As every student within our cohort has a diverse educational and work history background, we each gained personalized valuable insight to the ways which we uniquely respond to questions, and what we communicate (verbally and non-verbally) to an interviewer.

Knowing that students from past cohorts have been hired by some of the representatives conducting mock interviews, I was a little nervous headed into my first interview. By my third and fourth ones I had hit my rhythm, thoroughly enjoying and gaining crucial insight from this experience. Moving forward, I now know how to efficiently and successfully field a wide variety of interviewer’s questions, and have a few edits on my resume I need to work on.

For more information on the GLS Case Competition, feel free to look at their website:


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