GLS Competition & Mock Interviews

This quarter in MAM-SSM, our cohort has been tackling a plethora of challenges on top of our standard course load.  After our pitches and presentations later at the end of the quarter, I’ll explain about the Social Venture Plan Competition which we are currently engaged in—but in the meantime—the GLS case competition and our mock … Continue reading GLS Competition & Mock Interviews


(Mock?) Interviews

It is our first rounds of mock interviews. We have recruiters and hiring managers come into our conference rooms and take us through a real interview experience. I have to say that this was a really fun experience, although going through tons of interviews is a scary thought at first. Last week, we learned about … Continue reading (Mock?) Interviews

For starters…

We walk into a large room at Ivar’s Salmon House, located right by the water on Lake Union. It’s decorated with Native American woodcarvings, with the delicious aroma of tasty items permeating the space. After receiving our name tags, we wander in, nervously surveying the crowd of professionals dressed in business casual, wondering who we … Continue reading For starters…


Systems Thinking @ Coalfire Systems

Working with my group in an office at Coalfire Systems has allowed us to stretch our skills and learn business from real world examples.  The freedom and ambiguity provided by the live cases we have worked on have enhanced our learning and developed skills that we can take with us beyond the MAM-SSM program.   … Continue reading Systems Thinking @ Coalfire Systems


Putting Etiquette to Use

Monday Mrs. Mary Mitchell came to our class to give a presentation on business dining etiquette. It was so nice to be able to learn advice on what to do at a business breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She addressed and advised us on several issues we were all wondering about. Here are 5 of the … Continue reading Putting Etiquette to Use


10 Job Search Lessons for Graduating College Students

Looking for a job is an interesting journey. The road is marked with highs and lows, unexpected twists and eventual rewards. For students who are graduating college, the search for that initial big job is the first taste of the challenges and rewards of professional life. Last year, I had the privilege of running a … Continue reading 10 Job Search Lessons for Graduating College Students


Watch out Fortune 500, we are coming!

One of my favorite things about my job is cold calling employers to introduce them to my students. For some reason, there is an adrenaline rush that comes with the uncertainty of calling an employer without knowing how they will respond. Maybe it is because I love promoting our stellar students and rejoicing in their … Continue reading Watch out Fortune 500, we are coming!