A Brown Bag with Jeff Wilcox

                Thanks to Jeff Wilcox and Third Sector Company! As part of MAMSSM’s curriculum, our various community partners come in to give us their insights on their careers. This week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Wilcox to get an in depth look at his […]

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Networking: An Opportunity to Serve

Randy Lewis, former Walgreens Vice President and Author, speaks on behalf of the Northwest Center

Just in the last week, our cohort has had the opportunity to participate in three networking events. People’s feelings on networking vary from enthusiasm to dread, usually with the thought that it is a necessary evil. However, over this last week we have gotten out of our comfort zones, met many influential and charismatic business […]

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Case Study Analysis: MAMSSM’s Unique Way of Learning

The class of 2015 is a wonderfully eclectic bunch ranging from sociology and psychology majors all the way to film, dance, and science. One attractive aspect of our program is that students from all of these disciplines will intermingle. With access to so many different perspectives, the cohort will not only learn from our faculty […]

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes and MASSM

Welcome to the 2015 MAM-SSM Cohort Blog. It’s pumpkin spice latte time… and everyone in Seattle knows exactly what that means! The weather has turned and the gray rainy days of fall are here. When we are lucky, scattered in are those cool crisp mornings, dry enough to hear the leaves rustle and blow across […]

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Final Boardroom Presentations

I cannot believe we have come to this point, but we have, this past week we had our Final Boardroom Presentations for our practicums!   The format was different for each team, however, the purpose of this presentation was to synthesize the work we had done at our respective companies over the last three months. […]

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Student Spotlight: Lauren Rogers

Name: Lauren Elizabeth Rogers Hometown: Bellevue, WA Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis. I attended Seattle Pacific, and graduated with honors in 2013. Why MAM-SSM: I joined MAM-SSM to gain foundational business skills and discover what area of business excites me most. During the program I realized that Digital Marketing is […]

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Looking Towards The Next Season: Getting A Job

It’s hard to believe we are at this point in the program. We are finishing up our practicums and picking up our cap and gown. We are also deep into the job application process including, applying, interviewing for and most importantly, ACCEPTING jobs (that’s right, three employed students to date!). As we look towards our next […]

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Pioneer Industries: Getting Credit Where It Is Due

My team this quarter is placed at Pioneer Industries (check out what they do) and has had the opportunity to learn about what it takes for a business to decrease their environmental impact. We’ve learned that change is always harder than expected and that being held accountable to an environmental program requires certification. This is where the ISO 14001 Certification […]

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NEXTManga: Animating The Gospel

NextManga is a Japanese comic book compiled of  biblically based stories with the intent of spreading The Gospel to their readers. With an international team located from Japan to Seattle, the ministry has been able to develop comics in 26 translations and have 12 in the works. Our team’s task: To bring a business framework […]

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Practicum Spotlight: Skills Inc.

        As you may remember, we are currently in the Practicum Phase of the program. In this season, we have the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and apply the things we have learned in the classroom to real life business contexts. To give you a better idea of the projects that teams […]

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