Systems Thinking @ Coalfire Systems

Working with my group in an office at Coalfire Systems has allowed us to stretch our skills and learn business from real world examples.  The freedom and ambiguity provided by the live cases we have worked on have enhanced our learning and developed skills that we can take with us beyond the MAM-SSM program.   … Continue reading Systems Thinking @ Coalfire Systems


Student Spotlight: Juliana Bassit Lavorini

Name: Juliana Bassit Lavorini Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in International Relations from PUC-SP (Brazil) Interests: World travel – meeting new people and exploring different cultures, foods, histories and natural environments! Sustainability Animals, all of them, including my pups Vicky and Simba Photography Outdoor activities Why the MAM-SSM program: During my undergraduate, I became passionate about finding … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Juliana Bassit Lavorini

Building Social Business: The MAMSSM Way

It turns out that businesses can do more than just make money….much more. This quarter, our program is exploring how businesses are changing to become socially and environmentally responsible and what it takes to design and start a social business. Social businesses take on the mission to address more than just a financial bottom line. … Continue reading Building Social Business: The MAMSSM Way

From Classmates to Friends: Relationship Building in the Cohort

What do you get when you take 16 strangers, all striving towards a similar goal, put them in the same room every day for three weeks? What happens when you give them challenging social issues to work on and ideate solutions for? You get the first weeks of MAM-SSM. Our class of 16 students comes … Continue reading From Classmates to Friends: Relationship Building in the Cohort

Student Spotlight: Claire Dugan

  Name: Claire Dugan Hometown: Tacoma, Washington Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in International Studies and Environmental Policy from Fordham University NYC Interests: Reading (favorite author Anais Nin) Making jewelry, cards, and other crafts Running Brunch Going to museums Exploring urban parks and gardens My cat…the Great Catsby Why the MAM-SSM program: I wanted to relocate to … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Claire Dugan

Student Spotlight: Tyler Flinchbaugh

Name: Tyler Ward Flinchbaugh Hometown: Auburn, Washington Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Psychology from University of Washington Tacoma Interests: Music- the all-over kind: hip-hop, classic punk, jazz, grunge, reggae, soul, and funk, just to name a few. Video Games- RPGs, FPS, Favorite game is Half-Life. Beer-making. Fashion. Reading. Studying foreign languages, especially German and Spanish. Why … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Tyler Flinchbaugh